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First, the cultural ideas

First, the cultural ideas:
  1) TaiSheng motto:Fight together through thick and thin; together fight together; together with plant Masonic share.
  2) Company life:Responsible to shareholders for the staff responsible, socially responsible.
  3) Business philosophy:Unity, innovation and dedication, sharing.
Second, employeesCivic Life:
  We know the importance of physical and mental health of employees, so whether it is work or life of employees are given a high importance.
  We organize a variety of activities within the company games, calligraphy contest, chess tournament, basketball tournament, Tai Qiusai, table tennis, dance, etc., and specially set up to enrich the staff of life arcade, including a library, projection room, table tennis ball room. We also encourage employees to return to the community, such as the voluntary tree-planting organization, donations to the affected areas and other public welfare activities.

Three、Employment mechanism:

           TaiSheng employment goal is to build a modern enterprise to adapt to the requirements of the personnel, in the new competitive situation, and constantly adjust the size, structure and management of human resources, with advanced modern enterprise management, and fully mobilize their initiative to develop their the potential to create a vibrant business environment, to fully reflect the value of employees, business scale continued development of win-win benefits。
      1)Employing principles:“Capable, the levels were so, Yongzhe”
      2)The idea of talent:
      Pay attention to the character and ability of employees, requiring employees with professionalism and development capabilities, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, with modern management awareness capabilities, promote team spirit。
     Motivate talented people with the environment!
     People with incentive pay!
     With a mechanism to retain talent!
     Utilities talented individuals!

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