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Zhixin staff Greetings


    First of all, I rise on behalf of the Thai Glass Co., Ltd. all my colleagues to join new colleagues warmest welcome!

    Second, there will have to pay in return, there is loyalty will have confidence. TYSAN companies will provide you with a fair and open competitive environment, we are committed to build a no ceiling on the stage, as long as you have the ability, as long as you can for the Thai or companies contribute to the development, as long as you paid for the company long-term loyalty, then the company will certainly remember you, she will give you the desired position and honor!

    Third, we open a never closed the door to success to this world people with lofty ideals, we hope that more talented people to join Thailand or company, or the company to build a peaceful, lead the industry trend toward goal!

    Fourth, I hope that every new colleagues as soon as possible to integrate into Thai or companies, become inseparable part of Thailand or the company, but also hope that you can be competent to work in Thailand or company, happy and satisfied.

    Finally, I eagerly look forward to:Your company because TYSAN proud TYSAN company because you are more exciting!

    Thank you all!


                                                          General Manager: Xuchang Song

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