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Edging Production Line

Single straight edge
single straight edge
Description: straight edge machine polished edges and corners can flat grinding and polishing glass, a shape, for float glass in different sizes and thicknesses satisfactory results were obtained. Max size of 3000mm * 3000mm, height minimum processing dimension 50mm * 50mm, working in the range of 3-19mm.
Italy MX80 beveling machine
Italy MX80 beveling machine
Brief: stepless, two rough-grinding wheel, a rounded edge and bottom round, three fine-grinding wheel, three pneumatic buff, before the pressure transfer plate fitted with lifting control system, can be adjusted according to the size of the glass. 1 to 3 layers can be grinding hypotenuse, processing thickness: 3mm ~ 25mm, process specifications: 8mm ~ 50mm hypotenuse.
Italy F10 bilateral Machine
Italy INTERMAC.F10 bilateral milling machine
Summary:Features of this machine is fast, the two sides can be processed simultaneously to avoid the phenomenon of the size of the head, machining accuracy of 0.3mm, diagonal bias can be controlled at about 1mm. Max size of F10, respectively 3000mm, the minimum processing dimension connection combinations are 220mm, two bilateral machine can finish edging the entire piece of glass, along with a security angle, greatly improving production efficiency, saving time human.
Collage straight section renderings

Straight Collage unit renderings
Description: High brightness straight edge processing products, size precision.

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