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CNC machining center

Italy INTERMAC carving machine
Italy INTERMAC carving machine
Profile: Italy Intermac Master Groove computer cars flowers machine, its unique and advanced technology capabilities, customers can reach 3000mm * 1500mm working area of glass, with carving, writing features, high accuracy requirements can be made into various shapes such as 3 ~ 25mm the lines and patterns.
Italy CNC machining center

Italy INTERMAC CNC machining center
Professional CNC system, four-axis control, rapid processing of thin or medium thickness of glass and lenses of various shapes, drilling, milling, grinding and polishing, and other functions. Processing thickness: 3 ~ 19mm, process specifications: 350 * 190 ~ 2400 * 1000mm.

Italy F10 bilateral Machine

electric carving glass
engraving machine can process a wide variety of designs and patterns according to customer demand.

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